What is 'Send To? How to add / remove shortcuts?

Windows tips -> What is 'Send To'? How to add / remove shortcuts in Send To?

In Windows, when you right click on any object, you will see a context sensitive shortcut menu. When you select any file or directory in Windows Explorer and right click, you will see 'Send To' option. Most of us do not use this option effectively. In this article let us see how we can use this "Send To" feature effectively in Windows.

By default, the 'Send To' will have a 'Floppy drive', 'Mail recipient', 'Fax recipient' etc. But what if you want to add another drive (for example, your thumb drive) in addition to floppy drive so that you can send any file or folder directly to your thumb drive.

Let us assume that your thumb drive is assigned letter H: and you want to add this drive H to your 'Send To' menu. Here are the steps to achieve this.

  1. Right click on 'Start' and select 'Explore'.

  2. Now scroll down to the 'Windows/Send To' folder in your Windows Explorer. If you are using Windows XP then you will have to set your 'Folder options' to 'Show hidden files and folders'. To enable this click on 'Tools' menu and select 'Folder'. Then click on the 'View' tab and select the 'Show hidden files and folders' and click 'OK'. Choose the 'Documents and settings\username' folder. Note that this username is your name.

  3. Now in this 'Send To' menu you can delete unwanted shortcuts. Here you can add any other shortcut you want to add. You can do so by dragging the shortcut icon and dropping it here. For example you want to add 'Notepad' application here. Then you can just create a shortcut to Notepad here or search for the 'notepad.exe' file and drag and drop a shortcut here. After you create this shortcut you can select any text file later and right click and select this notepad to open that file in notepad automatically.

You can also add a folder to this 'Send To' menu. To add a folder to the shortcut menu follow these steps.

  1. Right click 'Start' and select 'Explore'

  2. Goto 'Windows\Send to\ folder. If you are using Windows XP then follow the steps given above to goto the send to folder in XP.

  3. Now in your windows explorer, right click the thumb drive (eg. H:\Removable disk) and drag and drop it to the 'Send To' folder.

  4. You will see a new menu with many options. Choose the 'Create shortcut' option to create a shortcut to this drive. From now on you can right click on any file and directly send to your thumb drive.