Good configuration' in windows startup menu.

Windows tips -> 'Using the last known good configuration' in windows startup menu.

Windows XP stands for Windows eXPerience. Sometimes you may experience strange things while using Windows XP. An allpctips member faced this problem.

She installed a new software in her computer. After the installation windows prompted 'You have to restart your computer', so she clicked on the 'Yes' button to restart the computer. But instead of rebooting, she only saw the infamous blue screen with some STOP errors.

Just as everyone else does, she restarted again and again in the hope that Windows XP will somehow restart successfully but she kept seeing the blue screen. After much frustration and a coffee, she remembered the 'startup menu in windows' and restarted again. This time she pressed F8 to enter into the startup menu.

In the startup menu, she chose the 'Safe mode' thinking everything will be fine now. But to her surprise she still saw the blue screen again. Luckily for her, she remembered there are other options in the startup menu.

So she pressed the F8 key again and entered into the startup menu once again. This time instead of choosing safe mode, she chose 'using the last known good configuration' option in the startup menu. Hoooray, The computer started like a gem without any problems.

Therefore When you see the infamous blue screen at startup, before you decide to format your hard disk, try the 'Using the last known good configuration' from the startup menu.