Clear 'My recent documents list' from windows?

Windows tips -> How to clear 'My recent documents list' from windows?

From the start menu, if you click 'My Recent Documents' (or 'Documents' based on different versions of your windows) you will see a list of recently opened documents, images, files as a list. The main purpose of providing this feature is to simplify opening of files that you use often. By clicking this file in the list, the appropriate application to view that file will be automatically opened. This saves time. However, if you are not the only person using that computer then this feature enables others to know which files you used previously. If you do not want others to know your recently opened files then follow the steps as below to clear your recent documents list.
  1. Right click on the 'Task bar' and choose 'properties' to open 'Task bar and start menu properties' window.
  2. In the 'Task bar and start menu properties' window choose the 'start menu' tab.
  3. Now click the 'customize' button to open the 'customize start menu' dialog box.
  4. In the 'customize start menu' dialog box click the 'advanced' tab.
  5. Here uncheck the 'List my most recently opened documents'
  6. Then click 'clear list' button
  7. Then click 'Ok' and close the dialog box.

From now, the documents you view will not be listed under the 'My recent documents' list. So others will not be able to see what files you were using.