Bring Control panel options in 'Start Menu'?

Windows tips -> How to bring Control panel options in 'Start Menu'?

To tune your computer or change your computer settings and performance you have to use the 'Control Panel'. Some people use it quite often to do things like, changing the mouse cursor icons, changing the sound and notifications for different tasks in the computer, for changing user accounts etc. Each time they want to do this, they have to open the control panel and choose the appropriate icon to change the settings. If you are one of those users who do this often, you can follow the steps as given below to bring the control panel options in the 'start menu' in windows.
  1. In the 'Task Bar' right click and choose 'properties' to open the 'Task bar and start menu properties' window
  2. In this 'Task bar and start menu properties' window choose the 'start menu' tab.
  3. In the 'Start menu items' section scroll down and come to the 'Control panel' section
  4. Now select the 'Display as menu' radio button
  5. Now click 'Ok' and close the window

Now goto 'Start menu' and 'All programs'. Here just like other software applications you can see the control panel with all the options as a sub menu.